About the project:

We tend read a lot right before their exams, in fact read the complete subject a day or night before the exam. Although we think we have mastered our concepts, our professor wouldn’t think the same after evaluating the answer paper. Even though we have made an attempt to learn the whole subject, we don’t remember it during our exam. Its a natural tendency to feel that we would remember all concepts when we are learning it, but forget it the next day. This is where revision comes to the rescue.

We normally do not prefer to revise because:
1) We feel its a waste of time, learning concepts we’ve already learnt.
2) We don’t find it interesting.
3) We do not feel like touching our books before the exam.
4) We cannot include others in our revision due to the difference in grasping power.

To solve the above problems and to promote revision we thought of an application, “Re’wise”. Focused towards the Indian K-12 market studying under various educational boards, the main selling point of this app was that it makes revising quick, easy and fun. Users are challenged with timed quizzes played against peers of his age and class. This app was gamified to such an extent that users get a chance to represent their school in revision tournaments and ranked according to their wins. The initial deployment was focused on physics, chemistry and maths.

Role in the project:

I was part of the Creative Technologist team which conceived the idea and handled the end to end UX cycle.

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