Project Taken

About the project:

This idea of this project was conceived during the first campus recruitment season of Chalk Studio (now called Chalk Street). The concept of “Project Taken” was to gamify the aptitude tests during the selection process.This project was built within a week and was deployed during recruitment in SRM university, Chennai as a pilot. Based on the success of the pilot we deployed this project during our recruitments across other colleges India.

Problem Statement:

Campus recruitment is always an important phase in the life of a student. Sadly, the importance is replaced by boredom when different companies follow the same format for recruitment. Most of the recruitment process starts with an aptitude test in which all students answer similar questions. Most of the time, students wouldn’t even know a lot about the company, rather they would observe the recruitment process to understand the work and peer culture. To attract the best talent from good colleges we needed to differentiate ourselves from the rest.


To differentiate ourselves by designing a test which was efficient enough to select the best minds, yet enjoyable to all those who took it.

We figured that the best way to retain the seriousness of an exam, yet make the student enjoy the process is through thoughtful gamification. The seriousness of the exam was retained by having multiple choice questions which doesn’t make the student feel out of place in an exam. The enjoyment is brought by integrating this into an adventurous story with a personal touch.

Role in the project:

I got an opportunity to design all the interfaces and the interactions in this project.

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