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  • Anton Menezes

    Anton Menezes

    You can bank on Vineeth to deliver on time, every time, with a great emphasis on the quality of the result - this pretty much sums up his work ethic in one line. I had the pleasure of working with Vineeth for about a year at Chalk Studio where he handled multiple pivotal functions in his role of a Product Architect. Being a part of a startup, he was the perfect example of how one could work on different projects simultaneously, yet come up trumps time and again. In particular, he handled the UI/UX end of our flagship product www.chalkstreet.com. What one can currently see on the website is the handiwork of Vineeth and his team. We have received many accolades for the design of the website and the fact that Vineeth didn't go through a professional degree to build his design skills is testament to his commitment of continuously up-skilling himself to produce great results. Again, if you have Vineeth in your team, be prepared to be surprised for he'll bring more to the table than first expected.

  • Bhavesh Bharot

    Bhavesh Bharot

    Vineeth is not just creative but also a very smart user interface / user experience designer. He designed for us and i must say his designs and design sense were much better than the others (Professional UI/UX). Vineeth is the reason I started believing in self trained designers and other professionals.
    Above all, he is a very good human and a thorough professional. It was pleasure working with him.

  • Harish Kumar

    Harish Kumar

    I had a great experience working with Vineeth at ChalkStudio as a GRE/GMAT/SAT Course Author for the www.chalkstreet.com platform. He was assigned to produce my course and I must say that I was impressed with his management and logistics skills and also his communication skills. Since I belong to the old school of chalk and blackboard teaching paradigm, I was not sure how well I would be able to deliver a video course. Vineeth guided me through the process in a thorough and detailed fashion, and helped me transition from the Old School to the New School. His method of functioning was to actively cooperate, provide suggestions, point out flaws and suggest solutions. He came up with some very bright presentation ideas and also implemented them successfully to ensure that our course had the right mix of didacticism and interactivity. He is a very creative person with a fertile imagination and an out-of-the-box thinker, especially when it comes to presentation and design. His managerial skills are no less, and he helmed my project in spite of the many interruptions that it faced due to technical and non-technical reasons. He is very time conscious and this helped us complete the project on a tight schedule. He is committed and hardworking, has a strong sense of loyalty and delivers what he promises. I the case of my project, he went beyond the call of duty and put extra hours to successfully complete it. He revealed his technical proficiency when he edited and produced my videos when the tech team was not available and we were working to a tight deadline. He has both technical and artistic talents and I consider that to be a major plus point, as it enables him to see what is possible and also how to make it happen. I wholeheartedly recommend him for those looking for a thorough professional in presentation, technical and managerial fields.

  • Hemanth Kumar G

    Hemanth Kumar G

    Vineeth is the best student I have ever witnessed. He is a continuous learner and achiever. He envisions the future, designs a perfect mission and performs a valuable implementation.

    Our association started with a new subject entitled "Programming Interactivity". It flourished by his team of students. He became committed to study the Google Patents & survey on leading Car company's publications to present subject seminar on "Google Car" just like a professional.

    An year long project entitled "iCar" explored horizontals & verticals of Computer Science with an aim of cost effective solution for the Indian economy. Under his leadership and well managed team members, the project became great success. It bagged a national level best software project award among more than 2500 projects in Quest Ingenium 2014. Their day and night work on the project also feathered them with a publication in STAR Journal.

    It was not just a modern student-teacher commitment between us. It was a higher level of respectable Guru-Shishya relationship in Indian tradition. His technical & managerial skill sets are amazing. I even adopted some of his communication skills, which can manage any critical situation. I am sure that his dedications & values will empower him to become a successful entrepreneur of India.