Mega Sand Painting

The Indian Independence Day is a proud occasion for every Indian. The day starts with switching on the television to tune into Doordarshan for a glimpse of the Independence day celebration at New Delhi. A glimpse of the iconic march by our soldiers provoking a nostalgic memory of our childhood. A glimpse of orders given by admirals generating echoes in our ears. A glimpse of the Indian defense forces inducing goosebumps in our skin.

But the Independence day of 2013 was very special to my friends and me in NMAMIT. We didn’t switch on our televisions. In fact, we were not at home. We were working hard on creating a 11,500 sq. ft. sand painting of India. With the help of 4 artists Mr. Srinath Manipal, Mr. Venki Palimar, Mr. Ravi Hirebettu and Mr. Pavanraj assisted by around 800 students we accomplished a patriotic milestone of our lives.

Role in the project

I got an opportunity to lead the project as the Student Co-ordinator. I learned a lot about leadership and handling criticism while working on this project. Working non-stop for around 36 hours, I learned how to keep a team motivated.

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