Project C.O.N (Care of Nature)

Project C.O.N (Care of Nature) is an environmental conservation group started by the students of Nitte in the year 2013. The main objective of this group is to educate students and people around the campus about saving the environment. Multiple events and case studies have been conducted to achieve this objective.


I was one of the initiators of this environmental concern. Our team also participated in the Techfest green campus challenge, a competition in the Techfest 2013 – IIT Bombay.


  • Managing around 50 students from various engineering branches (Mechanical, Computer Science,¬†Biotechnology,¬†Electrical, Electronics, Civil), I learned how to lead a multidisciplinary team.
  • Enlightened by the negative consequences of wasting natural resources, I got an opportunity to make a difference to the community around me.
  • Participating in and organizing events of various kinds, I got a chance to refine my skills. For example, Creativity while creating useful items through waste in the campus, statistical analysis while analyzing multiple water and electricity bills of the college.

Some of the events conducted in and around the campus

Our work

  • Conducted case studies on Rainwater harvesting, Sewage¬†treatment, Waste handling and suggested the college ways to save more water, use wastewater for gardening, create bio compost for gardening.
  • Conducted case studies on Renewable resources, Biogas, Ethanol, Solar energy and planted around 150 saplings that would be helpful in biodiesel production in the campus.
  • Educated all the citizens of a village near Karkala, Udupi on the negative consequences of throwing plastics bags around the village through a street play.
  • Educated around 70 government school students lacking computer access using computers in the campus.

Posters in the campus

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