Virtual Tour - NMAMIT

About this project:

This project was developed out of pure interest during the holidays of my first year in engineering. Although I called it my hobby project initially, it turned out to be a full fledged project which span over 6 months. I was helped by a very good photographer in my campus, who was my dear friend Mr. Ananth Prabhu.

Problem Statement:

Students find it very hard to choose a college after they have cleared relevant entrance examinations. This ambiguity is because of the lack of information provided to students about a college, specially regarding the facilities present in its campus. A brochure can do its job of naming a few facilities, but it doesn’t help a lot because the student wouldn’t know if the facility is actually present. This ambiguity can be answered only by visiting the campus and seeing it in front of his eyes. But students from all over India apply to the entrance exam and cannot travel a long way just to see the campus.


Allow students to virtually teleport into NMAMIT and check out all the facilities.
What if students can roam around the campus, but not move an inch from his home?
What if students can virtually enter every classroom and lab?
What if the user can walk through all corridors of the college and corners of the campus to seek answers to his questions?
This project was developed to answers these questions.

Based on the success of this project, the chancellor of our university Mr. Vinaya Hegde asked us to develop virtual tours of all other institutions under our university. Thus, we ended up developing 7 different virtual tours for institutions varying from schools to post graduate colleges.

Have a look at one of our Virtual Tours and get ready to teleport into NMAMIT.

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